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Septic Tank, Step 1

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/5/2021
Occurred: 1/5/2021
Topics/Keywords: #Coronavirus #Maui #SepticTank Page Views: 142
Zach begins to connect a flush toilet to a place into which it can flush.

Zach asked me to give him a hand on his new project. The work part was me pushing one pipe into another after he applied a special glue. The fun part was taking pictures of him doing the actual work.

Today I helped my grandson, Zach, put in a septic tank. Or, rather, the pipes to the septic tank, since the whole job will take more than a day.

For each of the places on the property I usually go, our dogs Ella and Lilly have favorite spots they like to hang out at where they can be comfortable and still keep an eye on us. When I'm near Jenny's shed, Ella likes to rest in the cool shade beneath it. (Yeah, there'sstill building trash down there I need to get rid of.)

Lilly, on the other hand, prefers the sun and grass.

So Zach got the trench built, and as he did I helped glue together the lengths of pipe

This is definitely more than a one-day project. So…to be continued!