By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Occurred: 11/23/2020
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Sometimes one is better than two.

As you may recall, we've been working off a second solar array while the first one we used sat idle in back of our shed. The plan was to consolodate them, and today the physical work to make that happen, happened.

Today Zach and his pal Adrian came down to move the solar panels and frame from the back to the side location where the new panels are mounted.

The positioning isn't ideal; early in the morning the old frame casts a shadow on part of the new frame, obviously reducing its output for part of an hour. But it helps to remember this isn't the final solution. The plan remains to, eventually, bring these panels up to the primary solar array amd run a cable down from there to us in our new hut, wherever we wind up putting that.