By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/21/2021
Occurred: 9/30/2020
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Keith and I are quickly developing a favorite beach.

There are innumerable small, isolated beaches around Maui, and each one has its own charms. Some are better for surfing; some for sitting in the shade and gazing or meditating. There's one near us that's usually good for body surfing (which I like) and another at which Keith can do the quiet soaking he prefers. But the one we to which we keep returning (and not just because it's just six or seven miles from home), is Koki.

I've never seen a beach here that didn't look like it fell off a postcard. But Koki is special in that regard, as well, as there's a postcard-perfect view in every direction.

So here, without further comment, are a few choice shots taken at Koki beach, most of them today, guest-starring Keith, Ella (the golden retreiver) and Lilly (the cattle dog).

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