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Occurred: 9/26/2020
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Finding a hidden bit of scenic shoreline.

Several times during the night I have woke, thinking I was in my cabin and wondering where Keith might be. But the reality was, I was in the back of my car, sleeping at Papalaua Beach Park, trying to maximise my Doordash earnings by staying in the area overnight.

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Since I've moved to Maui, I find I tend to wake about dawn. I'm not sure if that's a Maui thing or a 69-year-old thing, or both.

From my spot at Papalaua Beach Park, the sun rose over the limb of Lanai.

View from the Tent Back Of The SUV.

An early morning visitor.

An early morning visitor.

Surfers and paddleboarders right next to my parking space.

Tempting as it was yo spend the day there, I had to hurry back to Lahaina for the start of my shift.

I had a few orders to deliver, nothing exciting. Then 2:30, the slowest part of the day, arrived with my having just delivered some groceries to the Napili area of greater Lahaina. So, with my phone on me in case an order should miraculously manifest itself, I set out see what the Napili shore looked like.

This hidden spot is called Haukoe Point. It's largely made of (relatively) recently extruded lava. (By "recent" I mean more in the millions of years, than a few weeks.)

Then an order came in, and on the way out of Napili an intense rainbow appeared and followed me for at least 20 minutes, although it wasn't raining on me.

I still wasn't cleaning up with Doordash. And, somewhat annoyingly, Doordash had not yet responded to my email. To be honest I was about ready to quit them permanently todsy,

Well…I dunno but I've always been a sucker for rainbows as guidance.

Maybe I'll give Doordash another chance.