By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Occurred: 7/25/2020
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We prepare for our first Pacific hurricane.

Hurricanes very rarely hit Hawaii—in fact, it's only happened twice before in modern history. Nevertheless, Hurricane Douglas is barrelling down on us even as I type.

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Two days ago, Friday, was the first we'd heard about the hurricane, since we are off-grid and don't watch live TV. We drove into Hana yesterday to get our mail, and found out about it then. At that time, Douglass was predicted to hit Maui dead-on. But of course these things can change.

But everything looked normal. Of course, then Douglas was just forming.

While waiting for a lunch truck to open, we visited Hana Bay Beach Park, which we had virtually to ourselves.

Hana Bay is protected, of course; but still, the waves seemed calmer than usual.

That night's sunset was unusually intense.

It seemed the most important preparation we could do was take the tent walls from the closet and porch tents, just as sailing ships take down the sails when they head into weather.

And then we had to take everything into the cabin to spend the night with us.

We expect to feel the effects of the storm around 8 AM tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!