By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Occurred: 7/21/2020
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More improvements made to our property.

Today saw a few improvements we've been planning on and/or started come to completion.

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When I first arrived on Maui, my daughter and grandson had already erected a metal-and-tarp structure to house tools and materials involved in building the sheds, including the one in which Keith and I now live.

But we took it apart a month ago, and moved the components down to where our shed is.

Meanwhile, Zach had built this enclosure by our shed to keep out the cows. It's very rustic, but that's because it's also temporary, since, eventually, someday, we'll be moving to a higher level where our bamboo hut is supposed to go.

Anyway, today we finally got the pieces put up. This will give us a much-needed closet.

Zach was alsobusy instaling an air conditioner on his container.

While far from done, he's already made it quite livable.

And you can't beat the view!