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A scenic tour of the property.

I've been pondering what to call the Property. I generally call it "my property" or "our property" but that's inaccurate, as the land is owned by my daughter, Jenny (or her bank). Plus, it's somewhat vague. I had thought to call it Slippery Slope mostly for the joke but also for it's punnily accurate description of yhe place in the muddy spring months. However, a Facebook friend amended that to "Serenity Slope", which I loved but to which I added a final 's' since our 28 acres lies, not on one, but on many small hills sloping down toward the sea.

Thus, Serenity Slopes it is. Not that there's anything official about it. Nevertheless, to celebrate, let's take a ride on a particularly nice day to tour the Slopes. (You can tell Serenity Slopes is a good name because I'm already abbreviating it!)

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We can start with me, your humble blogger, since I'm a fixture here.

Then there's my husband, Keith, and our dog, Ella. (Our other dog, Lilly, is denning under the bed.)

Ella has discovered she can lie half in, half out, of our porch tent.

Currently we have two vehicles in frequent use: My grandson's truck, and the Quad. It's quite a walk up that hill to Zach's Shackso we usually keep one or the other with us, and the other up top with Zach.

It appears our banana trees are bearing fruit! I'm looking forward to trying them. These are "apple bananas" said to be quite delicious.

The view from up top (AKA "upstairs"). I can so imagine a permanent stage and arch there for weddings.

I don't yet know the name of these delicate flowers.

The orange African Tulips are an invasive species but I can't help but love them, as they look so tropical and seem to be always in bloom.

Technically this glade isn't on our property. This is, I think, Lot F (we have D and E). But it's so cool and shady there that I sometimes visit anyway.

The largest flat level is Up Top. Zach's Shack is there, as well as the Solar Array at the far left.

At the right is the start of the Access Road that heads to our cabin, and beyond to Lot C.

But, on the quad, we don't need roads. A right turn will take us down this steep but navigable slope to other parts of the property. If you look carefully, you can see a pole with a flag, and a prone pole, that mark the border between Lots D and E, Jenny owns both, so it's now just a point of interest.

The flower is growing on a tree. I don't yet know the type.

According to the property map, Lot D has a spike that runs clear down to Ulaino Road. This gate may provide access to that.

Keith, who, like me, lived a primarily sedentary lifestyle prior to our move to Maui, has been hiking every few days.

Another Hana resident, Kamana, grazes his cows on Serenity Slopes (plus Lot F and part of Lot C. It's a small herd and I've gotten to recignize individuals. The newborn calves are the cutest. This one can't be more than a week old.

Many evenings, the sub sets behind a gray wall of cloud so there's not much to see. But then, some nights, sunset is nothing short of amazing.