By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Occurred: 7/7/2020
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I finally have my revenge on an invasive turkey berry bush.

The Turkey Berry bushes, which I've mentioned frequently before, are, as I've said, an invasive species that is wildly prolific and so must be destroyed. Well, today we finally got one.

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Dawn, as seen from the porch tent, was coming in bright but you can never tell for sure—a light rain is as likely to follow a dawn like this as is a downpour.

Two hours later, the weather seemed to be holding, meaning we'd be able to do some yard work today. I had my eye on a particular turkey berry bush that was in the way of another tent I want to put up.

Zach's Shack, on the slope nearest the road, sometimes gets rain when it is clear a quarter mile away at our cabin, or vice versa. But today it's clear in both places, so that's good.

That's the offending turkey berry bush. They must be pulled up by the roots or they just grow back. Zach's plan is to tie the bush to the quad with heavy-duty macrame cord, and then pull.

Heady with success over the murder of the turkey berry bush, Zach decided to start fencing a garden plot, even though the weather was starting to thicken.

He also managed to get his sink installed today! So, thanks to Zach, this was a very productive day for all of us.

And capped off with a surprise rainbow. I love Maui!