By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Occurred: 6/29/2020
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Back to the hospital.

I had my first bout of cellulitis some 20 years ago. The second bout, 9 years ago, resulted in my near-death and 2-day coma due to necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria). Today I was hospitalized with my third.

This morning dawned normally enough, with our usual spectacular sunrise. The dogs woke me for their breakfast (why, oh why did I think 6 AM was an appropriate feeding time?!). I was sweating yet cold, but the thermometer assured me my temperature was normal.

By lunchtime I was not feeling well. Keith insisted on taking me to Hana Health Clinic, three miles away, and I didn't fight him on it. Once there, they found I did have a fever of 102! What's more, I was experiencing pain in my left leg, similar to taht which I'd felt when I had to go to the emergency room in April. But this time, Dr. Wolfgramm wasn't going to fool around. The next thing I knew, I'd been packed into an ambulance and was being rushed to "The Other Side, Kahului, where Maui Memeorial Hospital is located.

By this time even I had to admit the cellulitis had flared up again. Which was scary, because when this happened in 2011, I wound up waiting for 13 fucking hours in Mesa's Desert Banner Hospital before even being seen, which is why it runed into necrotizing fasciitis. (I tried suing at the time, but they had pre-retained every single law firm in Phoenix.) However, that was Arizona and this is Maui. I was seen immediately, and within two hours was receiving the broad-spectrum antibiotic this illness requires.

So I'm closing out the first June in the era of Coronavirus in a hospital room.

It's a nice room with a beautiful view, if only I can enjoy it. To be honest I'm pretty sick right now but will blog more as soon as I feel up to it.