By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/26/2021
Occurred: 6/27/2020
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Today we played with the quad and created a tour on video.

Having tried to make sense of the photos before I got here, I could understand why my son requested a video tour of the property. And, since we decided to spend today playing on the Quad, we had the perfect opportunity.

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The Quad usually lives by our cabin, which is located at the lower, northernmost end of the property.

This is the fence behind our cabin, which we thought ended the property. But, in actuality, the property extends about a hundred yards further, meaning those are our banana trees!

As one rides up the hill, as one of us does each morning, the ocean views become more commanding.

As I've mentioned before, the African Tulip Tree is an invasive species. But, as invasive species go, this one is really pretty.

At the top of the hill is Zach's Shack, which he is still turning into a tiny home.

Generally Lilly accompanies whoever is on the Quad. She loves to run and explore, while Ella tends to mostly hang out at the cabin.

Keith takes a turn riding solo.

And then it was my turn!