By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/26/2021
Occurred: 6/26/2020
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We didn't do anything special today, and it was wonderful!

We do our best to keep busy, which isn't hard around here. Actually, there's so much to be done, that, rather than finding ourselves bored during the shutdown, we have to take care not to burn ourselves out by trying to do too much at once.

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Today I wore my Father's Day gift from my daughter, Karen. The text reads, "WORLD'S DOPEST DAD"". She knows me so well!

This morning Zach requested some help on his framing project for his Zach Shack. I operated the table saw, while Zach and Keith worked with the assembly.

Then I took a soak in the cowboy tub, to get the sweat and sawdust off of me.

The African Tulips seem to be blooming again.

And there was a cool butterfly.

And there was a cool butterfly.

Today being Friday, Keith and I have been treating ourselves to a wood-fired pizza at Hana Ranch Farms. Although the tables are very far apart, we get it to go.

But what a view from the cashier's counter!

We were then treated to quite the light show as the sun set.

Yes, even on a boring day, we are surrounded by beauty and joy. I wish the same to everyone! Alas, each of us must find a way to create our own paradise, wherever we are. Because, let's face it: Paradise isn't a place; it's a state of mind.