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Occurred: 6/19/2020
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An opportunity to take a stroll (or rock climb) around a local bit of scenery.

The past two days haven't been too eventful, but I got a couple nice pictures andf learned a new skill.

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Yesterday morning found the dogs waking me by barking at the cows who were on there way to a different pasture. I called them in so the cows could peacefully continue. I just love the babies!

It looked like Hana might have another rainy day, but we were going into town for suppies, anyway. (Supplies are on the "other side" of Haleakala, and it's uusally dry and warmer there.

Construction had resumed along the Hana Highway. The flagmen wore masks; the workers did not. But they were also spread out from each other.

The trip was uneventful but successful.

This morning I woke to an unusually brilliant sunrise.

Before she left, Jenny bought a henhouse, even though we have no hens and wild chickens live on the property. But it wasn't assembled rught away, and before they'd been away 2 days the cows had trampled the box, I'm going to have to take out the pieces and hopefully find some kind of instructions.

The scary-looking bug was on the outside of the Zach Shack. I killed it, assuming that a brightly-colored spider is dangerously venomous. But then I looked it up. It's a harmless Hawaiian Garden Spider. They are our friends. So then I felt bad.

There was a fair amount of rain; but it did pass; and Zach asked me to saw wood for his continued framing efforts. This not something I've really don since high school shop class, and the equipment has changed a lot since then. Still, I managed to saw myself into a frenzy.

Sunset signalled an end to the workday. Time for some commercial TV!