By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/26/2021
Occurred: 6/14/2020
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The day we started framing the interior of the Zach Shack.

The first thing one sees from the road of our property is a ten-by-twenty foot shipping contaner. These containers are used all over Maui to be turned into tiny homes, as they are already sturdy and waterproof, and the shipping companies don't want to sail them around empty so they sell them here on the cheap. Zach intended from the start to make this container his home, and so I call it the Zach Shack. And, today, with the needed wood purchased, Keith and I helped him begin the interior frame that eventually will support a paneled wall complete with recessed electrical wiring, switches, outlets and so on.

The containers come with one set of double doors on one end. The first step, done before I arrived, was to install a "normal" door at the other end, along with a window on each side. Otherwise the interior is raw, uninsulated, corrugated steel.

Zach moved his stuff (he's been living here during construction) to one end, in accordance with his plan to basically do one end of the container at a time.

Keith and I both helped Zach, but as I was also documenting there's no proof I had anything to do with it.

Many days' work remains to be done on this project. But I know it's gonna look great when he gets it done!