By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/26/2021
Occurred: 5/28/2020
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After a little physical labor, there's nothing like an hour or so at the beach!

A noted earlier, some of the beaches on Maui, including our Hana Bay Beach Park, have re-opened, subject to social distancing rules. This morning was a clear one, and after Keith and I stacked Zach's lumber from yesterday, we were definitely ready for a cool-down.

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Having experienced a lot of weather-related loss of equipment and materials here, Zach was adamant that we not let his new boards be destroyed before he got here. I promised they'd be safe. Here's the first step: use a couple of spare beams to keep the boards off the ground.

I put the first layer down vertically.

Keith and I set up a board brigade, where he pulled each board from the truck and handed it to me to place.

The piled product, before being tarped…

…and after being tarped.

Then, as we'd promised ourselves…it was time for the beach!

We have a small beach, and on weekdays there seem to be very people present; so maintaining social distance isn't difficult.

Because we had the dogs with us, and had to keep them leashed, we found a stand of trees to tie them to.

Keith stayed with the dogs while I got first shot at the water. It was cool but not cold…perfect!

Then it was Keith's turn.

The dogs were happy just to be with us, but you knowElla, especially, wanted to go in the water. We couldn't take them both because, with leashes on, they would get tangled and probably drown us all. So I took them one at a time.

Lilly was never as enthusiastic as Ella about swimming, but she was very happy when her turn came to go to the water.

Afternoon clouds rolled in so we piled into the Jeep to return home.

The remainder of the day was uneventful, other than its ending with the most spectacular sunset we've yet seen!