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Occurred: 5/22/2020
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Little things can bring great rewards.

We've been watching with interest and more than a little sadness at how people on the mainland are reacting to the restrictions meant to keep us all safer. But that doesn't mean I don't empathize with the desire to go out and do something "normal" even something as innocuous as going out for pizza.

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I generally wake up between 7 and 8 (or the doggies wake me) and there's usually a spectacular sky waiting.

I generally run "upstairs" to check on things. In about one morning out of three, the cows are grazing around the container.

I have mixed feelings about the cows. They're big and clumsy and have trampled so many things we thought would be safe. On the other hand, the babies are so freaking adorable.

No matter how pretty dawn was, this week we're gonna get a lot of rain.

On our supply run, Keith and I bought a queen-sized memory foam mattress to replace the two air mattresses that have sprung leaks. We finally brought it in today, and found it came with a hitchhiker.

I then decided to experiment with these walkie-talkies. I had to look them up on Google to get an instruction manual. But how far would they be effective?

One has a damaged battery and can only be used in the charging cradle. But I took the other one with me in the quad.

Our cabin is at the northern edge of our property. This was taken from the southern edge, right up against the road. The walkie-talkie worked from here! I was very impressed.

These days when I run the quad upstairs, Ella doesn't bother going. (She's always been a little lazy.) But Lilly never misses the chance to run along with me. (Yes, I'm careful!)

Yesterday, Ray the Solar Guy and his assistant mounted the remaining solar panels on the Solar Array. Eventually, this will be the central point for power on the property. But for now, I have two panels at our cabin (plus a third that was smashed by cows) and Zach has two atop his container.

Guess who gets to clean up the plywood.

On our way into Hana to dump garbage and check mail, we spotted a local vendor, Hana Farms, that had re-opened (with the usual mask restrictions in effect here on Maui) and was offering…pizza!

We had stopped here before to try their banana bread, which was awesome! So I was happy to put in an order for a 5:30 pickup.

In addition to standard banana bread, they have pineapple and macadamia nut varieties, (They also have chocolate chip, but hopefully I'll never have to try that one. (Not a chocolate fan.)

At home, we unwrapped our pizza. It's amazing how delightful this small sample of the old "normal" has made us feel. And it didn't hurt that the pizza was delicious!

After dark: We have this pretty solar lantern that charges during the day and shines most of the night. It casts the prettiest shadows, and provides just enough illumination for nighttime pee breaks.

As has been the case with every store I've been in since Maui's shutdown, Hana Farms, as an open-air location, provides minimal opportunies for the virus anyway. Plus, the employee, a lovely person named Cedar, kept her mask on and practiced social distancing. and they're only one mile from our property! It's very nice to know we now have an option to eat fresh, wood-fired pizza each week if we want!