By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/26/2021
Occurred: 5/18/2020
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Checking out a newly-opened beach.

Today I took Keith to see the Hana Bay Beach Park, which re-opened a few days ago.

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I was the first to awaken. And, honestly, is there anything more heartwarming than a hot guy asleep next to a sweet doggie?

Anyway, once we got to 11 o'clock-ish, Keith and I drove in to check the mail. However, it wasn't actually 11 o'clock when we got there, and that's when the Post Office opens. So we decided to make a brief visit to nearby Hana Bay Beach Park.

Keith recently bought some sunglasses he really likes, so we did some glamour shots.

Me with the new hat:

And, back home, me with a cooling skullcap thing that Jenny sent. It works!