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Occurred: 5/16/2020
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Ball caps don't work well in Hawai'i.

Today I had to make an unplanned, weekend run into Kahului to pick up some medical prescriptions our Hana doctor didn't have in stock. As I've been really enjoying our solitude on the property, I don't look forward to the relative crowds, especially now that some restrictions have been lifted. And Saturdays have always been more crowded anyway, which is why I've learned to time our trips for Tuesdays.

But one of the prescriptions was for Keith, and he needed it. So he stayed home with the doggies while I charged in on my own. Which did allow me a little more freedom to stop and catch the occasional photo.

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Kahului is near the West Maui Mauntains, which are at this side much drier than the slopes of Hana. But because of that, it's easier to see how a shield volcano erodes. Millennia of rains carve intricate channels, creating a multitude of slopes and small flat, level, islands here and there. With the addition of a lot more vegetation, our property has a similar structure. Our cabin, Zach's container, and Jenny's eventual house location are all on such islands.

The West Maui Mauntains are almost always shrouded in mysterious mists.

However, despite the photos, the trip was mostly a bust, as Walmart hadn't yet received the medications I came to pick up. (It hadn't occurred to me to call ahead to be sure they'd be in stock.) However, I did, finally, find a hat to wear in Hawai'i.

I never wore a hat at all until I moved to Arizona. My son convinced me to wear ball caps to protect my increasingly-exposed scalp. And I got used to them, and wore them so often it became part of my "look".

But Maui has an equally-intense sun, plus a load of humidity that Arizona lacks. So tight ballcaps quickly get soaking wet with sweat. Plus, they don't really protect ears, much less shoulders.

But I've been observing locals, and most of them seem to wear straw hats. So: Now I'm Straw Hat Guy.

As well as, until barber shops can be safely utilized, I'm Wild-Beard Guy.