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Occurred: 5/15/2020
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All I really care about is hot showers.

Today was the third Friday we hoped to see the arrival of the Water Guys to complete the running of hose to our cabin. They'd had to cancel the two previous appointments due to rain. But today promised to be a beauty, mostly sunny, so we hoped this would really be the day.

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You can tell how excited Ella and Lilly were! —but perhaps they didn't realize how much this was going to benefit me!

It's always a good sign when a light early-morning shower brings a rainbow. (Hawai'i's state motto is "The Rainbow State".

Not knowing how early the guys would arrive, I drove the quad up the hill to find them already in place. And, indeed, the dogs and I found where the line was being run.

However, since the pipe wasn't yet complete (Ben, the lead Water Guy, predicted it would take most of the day) and the dogs' water bottle was empty. So I made the run to our neighbor Chris's water tank.

Lilly loves that run. She races me on the quad (at a discreet distance), then plops down in the cool grass while I fill the bottle.

Today I drove around the corner past the water tank, just to see where the continuation of the access road went. I got as far as this vista then turned around, as I didn't want to sudden;y find myself in Chris's front yard.

It's been bothering me that the weeds and grass around Jenny's Welcome banner prevent it from being seen.

I found an electric trimmer in Zach's trailer that was still charged and trimmed away.

Then, in preparation for the running water that was creeping toward us, I ran hoses to the sink and solar shower.

By mid-afternoon, the Water Guys had brought the pipe the rest of the way to us and staked it to a fixed position.

At last! Running water! And a hot shower!

Does it look tacky? Well, it certainly would in an Arizona suburb. But here in the country, it's fine because it's functional, and that's far more important than appearance.