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Occurred: 5/6/2020
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The past comes to find us.

When Keith and I were packing to leave Arizona, we boxed everything. But we knew we were going to be camping for a few months before moving into our bamboo hut (that we're still waiting for). So we marked the boxes as to when they were needed: right away, after awhile, sometime when we have extra time and money.

It takes about 2-3 weeks to send something via "surface". So when Jenny told me she would be mailing the boxes, last week, I didn't expect them till mid-month at the earliest.

However, accidentally, she sent them via Priority Mail. So they arrived today, or, at least, half of them did.

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Of course, I didn't know that as I sat toking in the early morning moonlight. The moon is a supermoon, last of the year, and will be full tomorrow night.

So we were sitting around deciding whether we were ready to eat breakfast, when Zach called via satellite. "Papa,",, he said, "The Post Office just called, your boxes are outside and if it rains they'll get wet."

I understood; it's a very small branch and they would have nowhere to put so many boxes.

So we scooted on down. The boxes were not, in fact, outside but the post office person brought them to the door for Keith and I to carry to the truck.

I was a bit dismayed to see how the boxes had fared during their journey. Note to self: Apparently bulk moving boxes are not sturdy enough to be mailed.

But once we got back to the property and had put the newly-arrived stuff in appropriate places, I poured some solar-heated water into the tub. The cows have been drinking from it, but there were no cows today so I got to enjoy my first soak in many, many months!

This is Keith starting up the generator. Currently the solar panels cannot keep up with our usage, and we have to run the generator a couple of hours a day to recharge the batteries. Ray, the solar guy, is expected to come by Saturday to fix this.

This is looking downslope from the generator.

And now, another nightfall in this magical place.