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We may be off the grid but not in the 1800s.

Today the workmen started on the wooden framework that is to hold the array of solar panels we intend will eventually provide all our electrical power, rather than the generators we are now using (and which are very expensive in terms of the gasoline they use to run.)

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This is what they have so far on the aolar array. The panels haven't yet been mounted, obviously.

In the hollow beneath the solar array, will be the Solar Shed. This building will house the batteries and electronics that send electricity from the solar panels to the batteries, and house current from the batteries to the dwellings.

By the way, these workmen are Bob and Dallas.

Meanwhile, the cows that share our property decided to come up to the top level.

We don't mind that, but after the workmen had left for the day and I was ready to go below to our cabin, I had to fight discomfort over the idea the cows would be just walking all over the guys' hard work.

But the cows are here.

They sort of came with the property. The previous owner of Hana Plantation made a deal with a local guy to pasture his cows here. Jenny was going to withdraw that permission, but the guy pointed out that locals are accustomed to driving by our property and seeing it all pretty with cows and horses; and now, there's an under-conversion shipping container and a lot of trash visible from the road. Removing the cows as well would probably not win us any accolades from the other locals.

Obviously, he was saying that so as to not lose this terrific pasturing for the cows. But I don't mind having the cows here, though we are having to figure out how far to let the dogs, who are getting braver, chase them away from our cabin.

The real solution, of course, is to put a barbed-wire fence each dwelling area. But that's going to be expensive and a LOT of work, not to mention the need for a post hole digger. So, for now, we just have to cross our fingers that the cows, not known for their grace, manage to not trample anything important.