By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/22/2021
Posted: 4/13/2020
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The guys who are doing work on the property, had to do it in the rain.

Today we stayed on property except to check mail and get ice. But there was plenty going on here, as the construction guys were working furiously to beat two days' of predicted rain.

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The rain had slowed slightly, not stopped. So Jenny rain through the rain to her truck, moved it nearer my Jeep, and together we transferred the little ones without their getting too wet.

She and the kids and Zach (in his truck) left for the B&B in Pa'ia. Bob, Nate and Dallas wrapped their stuff up in tarps and left as well. So Keith and I and the dogs, once again, had the 28 acres to ourselves.

Not that it stopped raining long enough to enjoy it. In fact, it poured all night long with just one or two short breaks, mostly with an intensity I never before experienced. During the night we even had thunder and lightning.

Fortunately, our dogs aren't frightened by thunder or fireworks. They are so used to watching Marvel movies with the subwoofer on that they just assume New York is under attack, and go back to sleep.