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Occurred: 3/31/2020
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We rent a Jeep so we can get around.

My daughter, Jenny, was excited. "There are so many rental cars on Maui, unused, that they are renting them out, dirt cheap!" Until now, we've relied on Jenny's periodic visits to get transportation off-property. An inexpensive rental, as long as it was serious 4-wheel drive, would be a godsend while we wait for our own Honda CR-V to arrive from the mainland.

But, to get it, I would need to go back to her rental with her or Zach, spend the night, and rent the vehicle in the morning to return in it. Fortunately, Keith was willing to remain on the property with the dogs; so that's what I did.

The Hertz rental desk was eerie. There was just one other customer, and we of course had to stand six feet apart as we waited in line.

Since there was no one else in the place, we allowed the kids (who were in line-of-sight) to practice singing with an echo.

Often when it rains in Hana, it is clear in Kahului. However, today it appeared that Kahului was also about to be hammered, which meant I'd possibly be driving back on the twisting, turning Hana Highway in the rain. I hurried with my supply purchases (several things, like drawers and extension cords, that will make life in the shed easier) to get ahead of the rain if possible.

However, the trip turned out to be easier than I thought. I went through a couple of squalls, but, for the most part, the weather held off and soon we had a 4-wheel Jeep at our shed!

Now that we had wheels, we planned to drive back into Kahului the next day for more supplies, including food. But first, we were rewarded with an amazing sunset that wrapped around 240 of sky!

In Mesa, when Keith and I sat on the porch of our apartment, Lilly the dog would lay on our bed, from where she could watch us, while Ella usually sat with us. Here they are doing the same thing. Lilly lays on our queen-sized air mattress (actually on the formerly-white comforter) while Ella hangs out in the cool grass at our feet.

As the moon set, I pushed my cellphone camera to the limit to capture it's last glow as it passed beneath the ridge of a nearby hill.