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Occurred: 3/24/2020
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My husband meets me at our new home.

I was cautiously optimistic. The news told us that the islands would be shut down to tourism on Thursday, tomorrow. If nothing else unexpected came up, or went down, or sidewayds—Keith should be able to complete his journey unscathed.

But I'm an overthinker with undiagnosed OCD and ADD. And so many things could go wrong.

  1. He could be turned away at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. "I'm sorry sir, but that flight has been cancelled. In fact, they all have.
  2. He could make it to Honolulu without incident, but be put into quarrantine along with the remaining passengers because someone coughed or developed a fever.
  3. He could make it to Maui from Honolulu but be quarantined for the same reason.

Or, he could arrive without incident.

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