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Occurred: 3/19/2020
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Taking social isolation to an extreme.

So…this is it. My first night alone on the property. Or maybe not completely alone, if the dogs arrive.

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This was Jenny's last day at the resort. With the coronvirus uncertanty, she was afraid she might be trapped in remote Hana, so she got an AirBNB in Pa'ia, not far from Kahului. Zach and I rode in his truck. After Jenny and the kids had settled in, Zach and I headed to the airport for our rendezvous with the dogs.

I knew they'd be there because I'd gotten a text the Island Pet Mover person who had received them in Honolulu, then shipped them on to Maui. So that was a relief.

Now if only Keith could make it…

Zach spent the night at Jenny's AirBNB while I used her rental car to take the dogs back to The Property. I drove it down the steep access road, and as it started to sprinkle, I got the doggies walked and inside with me barely in time before the sprinkle turned into a downpour.

It rained all night, and the shed leaked like a sieve. I was able to find a place to put my cot that wasn't directly beneath a leak. Both dogs usually sleep with me, but that's in a queen-sized bed. This cot was about half a single. There was room for Lilly, but Ella had to sleep on the floor next to me.

Now, I just had to wait for morning, at which time I plan to drive back to Pa'ia (with the dogs) to get much needed supplies—if any are available.