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Occurred: 3/17/2020
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My first visit to the last place I'm likely to ever live. (If I'm lucky!)

On this, Day 1 of my Maui residency (first full day), Jenny drove the toddlers and me to The Property, to meet Zach. But when we got there we found we weren't the only visitors: Three horses dropped by to meet us, I suppose.

I'm always on the lookout for wildflowers.

Among the toys Jenny has purchased for use on The Property is a Quad, a 4-wheel-drive off-roading vehicle.

Jenny, the kids and I all got on board for the trip to see the shed. The men, Nate and Dallas, were still putting it together. This is the shed in which Keith, I and the dogs will live until the arrival of our Bamboo Hut. The guys said it should be ready to sleep in tomorrow night.

I have to admit it was a little scary, because the shed is so isolated from the container where Zach has been staying. Jenny tried to show me how to work the quad but I wasn't quite able to access my inner Evel Kneivel so I put off trying to drive it any more until I could make time to practice on the relatively flat field around the container.

So, after visiting The Property, we went back into the village of Hana to pick up supplies and snacks.

We then returned to the resort, where we had dinner, after which Gianna and Dominic kept me entertained until time for bed.