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Here are some fun programming projects you may find useful. —You're welcome!

It's an ill wind that blows no good. Hopefully, my winds blow benefits to all. Below find listed programming projects (and programming-related projects) I offer to any and all who can benefit.


By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 11/17/2017
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Project pieces for my ultimate goal: A document-oriented computer interface.

I have for many years been designing a new-concept computer interface I call Organica. Eventually, I wish to replace the current action-centered interfaces (Windows, Apple, Android, Linux) with a document or object-centered interface. With such an interface, one works on one's document (whether it's an email, novel, painting, photo, song or video) with total freedom to include one kind of item in any other. No user would ever have to "buy an app" with a learning curve of its own; instead, one might choose to "buy an enhancement" that will be applicable to any kind of object.

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Registering DLLs and OCXs Easily

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How to create a simple Registry merge file that will add double-click registration (and context menu unregistration) to DLLs and OCXs on your computer.

Anyone who's had to wrestle with the hundreds and hundreds of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and tool libraries (OCXs) in a typical Windows system can certainly appreciate the sentiment. And while users don't typically have to worry about them anymore, developers still must give a care as to making sure the correct libraries are present; the correct versions of libraries are present; and sometimes, must even jump back and forth between versions to determine the source of a bug or to compare features to an older version of a client program.

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Visual Basic Legacy Runtime Libraries

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #VisualBasic #RuntimeFiles #ProgrammingForMicrosoftWindows Page Views: 3553
Free (and ad-free!) access to Microsoft's runtime libraries for legacy versions of Visual Basic, from 1.0 through 6.0 SP6.

Visual Basic has always produced program files (also called "executables" or "applications" but never stand-alone program files: They all, also, required a Visual Basic "runtime" library that actually contained virtually all of the Visual Basic program functions used by the programmer to make his or her program work. The original idea is that the runtime library would be a part of Windows, distributed with it and therefore not part of the overhead of disseminating a program itself. Alas, this never became the case.

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