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A day in the snow with the toddlers.

The northern half of the state got dumped on by record-breaking amounts of snow. While this was bad news for drivers and others, it was great news for the kids!

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The story of our day in the snow begins two days earlier, when Phoenix experienced an unusual amount of rain—so much, that the park next to our apartment was flooded.

Of course, this meant that north of us, instead of rain they were getting snow. In fact, Flagstaff broke a 104-year-old record, getting nearly 3 feet of snow! So, as the sun set on Phoenix, we began looking northward for a snow day with the kids.

John D Cilwa

The snow day was planned to include my daughter Jennifer, her toddlers and husband, Jimmy; and my son, John. We decided to drive up to Prescott's Bob Edwards Park. It was an excellent choice!

On the way up, Jimmy and Jenny had purchased snowsuits for the babies. It was Jimmy's job to try and pull Dominic's suit onto him.

The sleds were borrowed from one of Jimmy's friends.

Gianna went down first, but found it a little intense and didn't want to go again.

And Dominic wasn't even interested in sledding. He spotted the kids' playground and that's all he wanted to do.

Gianna joined us. I had to laugh though; the kids were more interested in the playground than the snow we had driven 2 hours to play in!

So finally the parents joined the kids. Dominic wasn't afraid to go on the slide by himself, but it's a lot more fun to go with Daddy!

When the kids saw a snowmen left by someone else, Uncle John dove in to show them how to make one.

Mommy, in the meanwhile, was just glad the day wasn't as cold as she was afraid it would be. (Like me, Jenny isn't a big fan of winter weather.)

My son-in-law Jimmy and me.

Paul, Jenny, Dominic

Paul, Jenny, Dominic

John, Jimmy, Paul

John, Jimmy, Paul

John is the photographer of his generation. (Although his sisters also take beautiful photos, they don't take pics every day like John and I do.)

Before leaving, and now that the kids were played out on the playground, once more attempt was made to sled. And this time, the kids enjoyed it.

The return trip, with the sun behind us, really showed off the unusual white shroud covering the hills.

And the sunset, as is common in Arizona, was spectacular.