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Pictures from today's Easter Egg hunt.

My daughter, Jenny, and her family hosted Easter this year for the West Coast side of our family. Present were myself and Keith and Michael, Jenny and husband Jimmy and babies Gianna and Dominic, and my son John with a friend and her kids. Unfortunately, you won't see any pics of John on this page because none that I took met with his approval.

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First, let me get the flower pictures out of the way. Jenny's home is beautifully landscaped, and it is Easter, after all.

I arrived early to take Zach to the airport (he had to fly back to Manhattan for school; the only flight left Phoenix before dinner time) and was just in time to watch as Zach took this year's family photos.

From L2R: Jenny, Zach, Gianna, Jimmy, Dominic.

Zach Rizzo

Jimmy and Jenny.

Zach Rizzo

The men: Zach, Dominic, Jimmy.

Zach Rizzo

Jimmy with the ladies: Gianna and Jenny.

Zach Rizzo

And since we were there, we got one of Jenny's side of the family: Dominic, me, Jenny, Gianna, and Papa Michael.

Zach Rizzo

This is Milton the cat, who is about 12. Zach (Jenny's firstborn, in school in Manhattan) got Milton when he was a kitten.

The kids have a trampoline in the back yard. Gianna and Dominic are both so good at it, and enjoy it so much!

Then Jenny got a "call from the Easter bunny" on her cell phone to tell the kids he'd left some eggs in front; and we set out to find them.

Jimmy took videos of the whole process.

Then the kids came in to take the plastic eggs apart to get at the toy inside.

Claire, one of the friends who came, was so good with the kids that Jenny started feeling her out for babysitting.

We then settled down for a delicious meal that included lamb chops and roast, ziti and Italian sausage, breaded asparagus, topped off with carrot cake and cheesecake. (Gianna was astonished that carrots could be used to make a cake!)

And so another holiday celebrated! Next week: My birthday!