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I spend a couple of hours letting my grandbabies play with my granddogs.

I haven't seen much of my grandbabies lately, between their visiting Key West with their mother, and Keith's and my moving into a new place. But I managed to get a visit in yesterday, and took Ella (my grandson Zach's dog) and Lilly (my son John's dog), both of whom are staying with us for the duration, to visit for a doggie/baby playdate.

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We spent our playtime in the kids' backyard, which really is as much of a playground as anyone would need, anyway. For example, there's the little playhouse.

Dominic doesn't know many words yet, but he does know some sign language his mommy has taught him. So he explained to Ella where he wanted to pkay next.

On the swingset…

Then there's the water hose, which it turns out Dominic knows how to turn on!

Gianna is very clever and very verbal, having picked up many adult phrases and using them correctly. She was taking out the little plastic covers you can see on the ground by her feet in the next photo and misplaced one. "I'm sure you'll find it," I assured her. She looked at me and replied, "Of course I will. It's not like it's going to walk off by itself!"

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