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Occurred: 6/27/2017
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Sunburned but happy after a week's fun with the babies, it's time for my return home.

This was to be my last day in Key West, as my flight would leave in the evening. I packed up my stuff and loaded Jenny's car with it so I could check out and then get breakfast. (The motel had breakfast but it wasn't quite up to soup kitchen quality, so I grabbed and bacon-egg-cheese croissant at Burger King. (Excuse me, "Croissan'wich".) The last chore I wanted to accomplish before going to Jenny's: taking photos of the exterior of the houseboat on which I broke my leg in two places, on my previous trip.

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At the marina where the houseboats are located, I spotted this cleverly-decorated unit next to the parking lot. (That's not a real pirate. Or a real person.)

Since we'd had adventures every day since my arrival, I suggested we take this last day easy and just hang around the house. (Frankly, I didn't want to burn any more than I had. Even Dominic, who lives here and is in the sun every single day, had gotten some pink spots. So we just got last-minute pics of the part of the family I was about to leave behind.

Perhaps because of the storms that went through here last week, the air was unusually clear for a summer night flight. Every now and then I would spot a particlarly exquisite chain of city lights. I didn't know where I was at the time, of course; but the GPS coordinates that got automatically included with the picture reveals this is Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.

El Paso, Texas.

And finally, after many hours in the air and waiting in airports, I could recognize the lights of Phoenix.

I flew American Airlines, which uses Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport's Terminal 4. Which has, I feel certain, the longest damn stretch of corridor from gates to baggage claim I've ever seen. Oh, they have a couple of slidewalks; but one is usually out of order and tonight was no exception. So, by the time Keith had picked me up and driven me home, I had walked over 7200 steps as recorded by my smartphone. That is the most steps I've gone in a day since my accident. I was extremely sore and tired at this point, but also happy that I had been able to go so far without dying, as it means I really am healing.

Jenny and the kids will be returning to Arizona in August, so I won't be seeing them again until then. How I miss them! But when they return, I'll be able to visit every week, and without it's taking 7-8 hours to arrive!