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Blowing bubbles with Gianna and Dominic was just one of the rewards after a 7-hour trip.

Today's beach adventure was at the other side of the island, specifically, the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.

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Dominic was up and ready to greet me as I came in the door.

Zach had been asking us to visit Zach Taylor Park. He actually wanted to visit the old fort, itself, which none of us have yet visited. However, that would have to happen another time as the rest of the group wanted to swim at the beach instead.

Key West is a coral island, and has no natural sand beaches. Most people wear river shoes here. But whereas Higgs Beach (that we visited yesterday) is exposed and thus an umbrella is helpful, Zach Taylor beach has shade almost to the waterline.

Gianna still wasn't interested in swimming, but she was eager to explore nonetheless.

Gianna, on the other hand, has developed seriously tough feet. She don't need no stinkin' water shoes.

Dominic has learned to give me the look when he wants me to take him into the water. No photos, but it looked pretty much like yesterday.

Back home, Dominic proceeded to climb his way onto the sofa, where he'd spotted Jenny leave her wallet.

But Gianna knows this is a no-no, so when she sees it happening, she leaps over any obstacles to get the cash from his chubby little fingers.

And then she hands it, I guess, to the nearest adult (which was me).

On my way back to my motel room, I took a moment to capture this flowering tree. I've seen them in Hawaii, as well. I love flowering trees. Since I don't like weeding or having to replant every year, flowering trees are, to me, the perfect kind of garden.