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We celebrate my grandson's second year on Earth.

It's hard to believe that my youngest grandchild, Dominic, turned 2 last week. But his Spider-Man-themed party was held today.

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When we entered, we found an inflatable Spider-Man balloon presiding over the snacks.

As is appropriate for little ones, food was kid-friendly popcorn and hot dogs.

Sensing something going on, Milton retired to Gianna's bed to wait out the excitement. And Cassie, the other cat, as usual was nowhere to be seen.

I found Gianna and her bestie Brielle in the "ball room" (so called because it's the location of the ball pit).

The birthday boy had just awoken from his nap and I'm not sure he understood what was going on.

Although Dominic found the masked superhero a little scary, the other guests were thrilled.

With the crowd, Dominic became a little clingy and pretty much glued himself to Uncle John.

Aunt Barbara and Papa Michael were among the revelers.

And then there was the waterslide.

Dominic seemed more interested in checking it out than actually going on it.

Especially when there was a garden hose to play with.

Daddy and Gianna urged Dominic to jump into the pool. (Yes, he just turned two but he is already a good swimmer.)

Part of Dominic's swim training has been how to climb out of the pool himself. And he's very good at it!

And he's ready to go again!

Here he is, demonstrating his ability to float on his back.

Daddy is so proud!

Then Dominic, knowing I was taking pictures of him, demonstrated a little sitting-on-the-stairs dance he'd been working on.

loved the Spider-Man balloon, especially after Uncle John attached other helium balloons to it to make it float.

So, all in all, another successful birthday party by Dominic's party-planning mommy!