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Gianna's 4th Birthday

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/19/2022
Occurred: 9/9/2018
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All the photos from my granddaughter Gianna's 4th birthday party. Unicorns and princesses!

Last year, Gianna's party was such a success that her mother decided to hold this year's in the same venue, Charming Pony Parties. In attendance were Gianna's friends from school and the children of Jenny's mommy friends, as well as family.

This place is such a clever idea; I wish I'd thought of it first! It's just a few acres with a couple of ponies, goats, and a few other animals plus a play castle, bounce house, and so on. In addition to princess parties, there is also a pirate area for those who are not of the princess persuasion.

This is the castle, the only air conditioned spot in the venue. Gianna is in the yellow princess gown; her bestie Brielle is next to her.

Princesses Elsa and Cinderella were there, as was Princess Belle. Gianna was shy but delighted, especially by Elsa, who is her favorite.

Gianna does have that princess pose down pat!

Then the pony rides started. Gianna didn't want to go first; she wanted to see her friends riding before her (in case the ponies were vicious).

While Brielle rode, visiting Aunt Dottie worked on convincing Gianna that riding the pony would be a safe thing to do.

Family friend Chris Wudarski wound up with Dominic, who allowed her to carry him.

Finally, Gianna decided to try it. She didn't even bother with riding side-saddle, despite her princess gown.

Waiting their turn on pony rides.

Meanwhile, Dominic discovered the castle and the toys inside—and went straight for his favorite, the vacuum cleaner. (He loves the real vacuum cleaner at home.)

Being the only air conditioned space, most of the adults found an excuse to visit and hang out for a few, before returning to the Arizona heat outside. L2R: Gianna's cousin Cailey, mommy Jenny, Dominic and Gianna.

Aunt Dottie and Gianna share a goofy moment.

Dominic became unshy when he discovered there were snowcones!

He also loves hats.

Uncle John showed up briefly.

The princesses then went into the body-painting business.

Food included subs from Famous Dave's, and of course, cake!

The Charming Pony people have cleverly brought in cleanup help.

This little fellow is Micah, younger than Dominic.

And here is Gianna's unicorn cake!

Even I got into the party mood.

Then the princesses sang their songs, first Beauty And The Beast and then Le It Go from Frozen, Gianna's favorite song.

Gianna was thrilled with her Beauty and the Beast rose, and explained to me later that Princess Belle gave it to her.

I thought Gianna would sing along wih Let It Go but she just wanted to listen to the princesses sing it (and to play with the rose).

Finally there were rides in the Cinderella pumpkin carriage.

Then the goats showed up. While not eager to be petted as a dog, they did stand patiently still for it.

Dominic's friend loved the smaller goat and couldn't stop kissing it.

Rylan and Dominic are buds so Rylan was a big help in the "where is Dominic" department.

The party was scheduled to last until noon but the heat and sun were just too oppressive and most everyone had left by 11. Not to worry; Gianna had a wonderful time, along with all her guests!