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Occurred: 6/18/1952
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The birth of my first sibling, and how it affected ME.
Mary Joan comes home.
Who:Mary Joan Cilwa
Date and time:June 18, 1952 7:05 PM
Father:Walter Sigimund Cilwa
Mother:Edna Mae (Brown) Cilwa

On June 18th, 1952 (my mother's birthday), my sister Mary Joan was born, and Mom and Dad began thinking about moving into a larger place.

The week that Mom gave birth to Mary Joan, I was sent to my grandparents' home in Bloomfield, NJ. When I returned and found this new person there, getting all the attention, I stopped talking and didn't say a word for a month. (Of course, I was just over 1 year old, so how much talking could I have been doing?)

In any case, I eventually got over my snit.