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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

My 67th Birthday

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/21/2023
Occurred: 4/8/2018
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Topics: #Autobiography #FamilyGet-Togethers
All the photos from my birthday party.

I made it through another year! And we celebrated at my daughter, Jenny's, home (also known as "The Castle"). In attendance, in addition to myself and Jenny, were my husband, Keith; my co-grandparent Michael; my son, John; Jenny's husband, Jimmy; Jimmy's niece Danielle; and Jenny and Jimmy's babies, Gianna and Dominic. In addition we Facetimed with my daughter Karen. (My other daughter, Dorothy, was at work.)

We started off in the pool, where Michael, John and I took the little ones to explore the "waterfall".

Dominic found the waterfall to be hilarious, and laughed the whole time we spent under it.

Gianna loved it, too.


My beautiful birthday cake was homemade by Jenny and Gianna, who helped decorate it.

The candles were lit.

And the cake was delicious!


Gianna enjoyed the cake she helped make!

Dominic adores his Uncle John.

Jenny's neice-in-law Danielle helped celebrate.