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Enjoying Our Pool

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/21/2023
Posted: 5/16/2010
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Topics: #NatalAvenueHouse
In which we actually get in our pool!
Rachel and the pool vacuum.

As you may know, our new (as of October) house includes a pool and today was the first day I actually got to go in it! In addition to Michael and me, and Jenny and Zach, we also had Mary visiting and our son John and his girlfriend Rachel (who will be moving back in with us at the end of the month).

Here are some random pictures of our impromptu pool party.

Rachel was already in the water when I came out, complete with a book she was attempting to read despite John's best efforts to soak it. And, yes, that's an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. It's not as much fun to watch as a pool boy, but probably cheaper in the long run. At least it has a really long hose!

Rachel was first in the water.

John did, eventually, go in the water. But first he just got his feet wet. Zach spent the rest of the afternoon at the neighbor's pool. (They have a water slide; we just couldn't compete.)

John and Zach not getting very wet.

Mary, also, eventually joined us in the water. But first, she took advantage of our new porch chairs and the shade of our porch.

Mary enjoying the porch.

Jenny spent more time in Nature's Tanning Booth than in the water, but she likes it that way.

Jenny in Nature's Tanning Booth.

Michael and I enjoyed hanging out by the real-granite fountain that helps aerate the water in the pool.

Paul and Michael keeping cool.

There was quite an explosion after that last shot, when Michael and I exhaled!

Anyway, we love our pool. Everyone should have one!