By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/31/2020
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Original song written for the wedding for Paul S. Cilwa and Michael Manion.
Paul D. Jacobowitz-Cain sings "Make Your World".

Make Your World (Instrumental)

After the guests were seated, and before the processional, our golden-throated friend Paul D. Jacobowitz-Cain sang this original song (words by Paul S. Cilwa and Michael Manion, music by Paul S. Cilwa):

To have a friend, then be a friend;
To find a love, fill your heart with love.
It may be hard to comprehend,
But we create what we're thinking of.

You see, we make the world we live in
Out of whatever fills our hearts
And we create the world the best
When we create it all with love.

To find a star, then be a star
Light up the world through the day and night
Never complain when it seems dark
Illuminate with your inner Light.

Because we make the world we live in,
We make it beautiful or sad;
It's each of us who makes this world
And when it's beautiful, God is glad.

I held my hand open and so
I find my hand is now held by yours
When I let fear and sorrow go
I made a world filled with open doors.

If you would hold the hand of your lover,
Then hold your lover's hand and say,
"Let's make our world the best we can
We'll make a beautiful world bouquet.

We'll make the world the best we can
As we create our world with love."